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Apple Gets Patent For Socially-Distant Synthetic Group Selfies
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Apple has just received the patent for innovative software that will generate ‘synthetic group selfies. As it has been pointed out, this might be the way to take group selfies for social media platforms even when you are trying to maintain a social distance from your buddies.


According to the patented application of Apple, the user will be able to invite others to be a part of a group selfie. The software will arrange them all together into one image. It is still not transparent if the feature would be found on iPhones, iPads, or both. The selfie can include live streaming images, stored video images, or still photos. Users will be given the option to keep both the group selfie as well as the original version. The original recipient and user of this group image can choose to modify this selfie. For instance, the recipient might want to put each other in different positions within the group.


Though the idea of taking a socially-distant group picture for social media seems ideal for the present conditions where social gatherings are restricted globally, you can rest assured that this concept was not developed, keeping the present state of affairs in mind. Apple had first filed for this patent way back in 2018, even though the stamp of approval came as late as 2nd June this year.


It is important to mention here that, just as it is the case with all patents, the usual caveats also apply. There is no confirmation about how or when Apple might decide to go with the software. It seems you will just have to wait and watch to see if synthetic group selfies actually become the next big thing.

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