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SimCity’s Long-Forgotten SimRefinery Resurfaces on the Internet Archive
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SimRefinery, a long-forgotten oil refinery simulator from SimCity’s creators, has now been discovered and uploaded again as a playable game. The game was brought into the limelight last month after it was mentioned in a report about the lesser-known simulations division of Maxis. However, the game has been uploaded to the Internet Archive by an anonymous user. Due to the inbuilt DOSBox emulator, the game is playable now.


The game was discovered after ARS came out with a detailed report related to Maxis Business Simulations, which is an attempt by SimCity to make business-based simulators. Soon, an anonymous commenters mentioned that they had a copy of the SimRefinery, which was sourced through a chimerical engineering friend. They have now uploaded the game to the Internet Archive, so anyone can go ahead and explore it.


SimRefinery is not finished, and there were several graphical glitches in the uploaded game. There was not much documentation or instruction available on the game that could have helped someone with the proceedings.


The copy of the SimRefinery was there on an old 3.5” disk having a white sticker printed with the logo of Maxis, the developer of SimCity, and the name of the game. Reports suggest that the game was not really meant to teach users the ways of running an oil refinery. The prototype was commissioned by Chevron, an energy corporation, to showcase the ways of running an oil refinery at a high level.


Though the game is really hard to play in the present state that it is in, there is no rejecting the fact that it is a great conclusion to an amazing story. You should check out the game for yourself on the Internet Archives, and see what you feel about it.

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