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VALORANT from Tencent All Set to Be the Next Big Billion Dollar Franchise
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Tencent’s acquisition of Riot Games can become one of the best tech deals to have ever made by them, as evident from the excitement about VALORANT, the new game from the company.


That is precisely what Will Hershey, the CEO of Roundhill Investments claimed, as VALORANT was launched on Tuesday. The Riot Games attempt to enter the free-to-play online FPS (first-person shooter) games market. Here, two teams having five players will have a face-off against one another, and each character will be called an agent and given special abilities.


It is also the first game by the developers that comes with a completely new IP that is different from the League of Legends universe that Riot brought to gamers more than ten years back.

League of Legends has become a worldwide sensation ever since its first release, which has made the players even more curious about what Riot has put into its new version.


The developers announced last week that the closed beta of VALORANT had amassed about three million players daily. The beta key drop campaign organized on Twitch also set a record for streaming viewership numbers. Players watched hours of the gameplay in the hope that they might get early access to VALORANT.


VALORANT is an excellent addition to the portfolio of Riot Games. Still, it also banks on the massive success of the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games like League of Legends that made Tencent take stakes in the developer.


Tencent initially paid $400 million to get a 93% stake in Riot Games back in 2011. This was a year after the developer released league of Legends. The remainder of the game’s developer was bought after four years for an undisclosed amount.

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