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Tiktok Clone Zynn Hits the Top Spots on the App Stores by Paying Users

Zynn, an almost exact clone of TikTok, has come up as its newest competitor due to one significant difference it has from TikTok: it pays the users for signing up, watching videos, and convincing others to sign up. This app was launched in the first half of May and is now the number one free application in the Apple App Store and among the top ten on Google Play Store.


Zynn is almost a button-by-button copy of TikTok. The core interface is the same, and both are based on viewing short portrait-based videos. The most significant point of difference is that there is a timer with a dollar sign right in the middle, and this hovers over all the videos on Zynn.

The timer fills up as you watch the videos and gets you points. You are supposed to redeem the points later as gift cards or cash. People have been posting videos on YouTube showing that they have received the payment, so it appears to be a legit offer.


Despite what it seems, this app did not just drop in from nowhere. Zynn is actually an extension of an ongoing rivalry over video applications in China. Kuaishou, the creator of Zynn, is actually a startup in China that runs one of the significant video apps there. The app comes second only to the Chinese version of TikTok called Douyin. 


Reports suggest that Kuaishou had used the same way of paying users for its growth in China. Selling ads is how the company makes money at the end of the day. It works as long as ads bring more wealth compared to the payouts. However, Zynn does not seem to be running advertisements in the US, at present. 

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