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Thousands of Uber E-Bikes and E-Scooters Sent to the Scrapyard after Lime Deal

Uber is ready to scrap thousands of e-bikes and e-scooters, amounting to millions of dollars, after the mobility startup Lime purchased its Jump unit this month.


The firm has announced that it will recycle the earlier models that Lime did not want. It further concluded that giving these away would be highly complicated because of the tech support and maintenance that they require.


Footages surfaced on social media on Wednesday, where thousands of distinctive red Jump electronic bikes were being destroyed at a recycling centre at North Carolina. This angered biking enthusiasts all over the world. Most users unequivocally stated that the footages were difficult to watch.


Companies like Uber that offer electronic scooter and bike-sharing have always outlined their environmental awareness by stating that their fleets are more eco-friendly. However, this action by Uber certainly undermines those claims, more so because the world is increasingly relying on alternative modes of transport in the present times.


Jump was acquired by Uber for $200 million in April 2018. It had promised to double its investments in e-bikes and e-scooters in the year 2020. This month, an investment worth $170 million was led by Uber into Lime, and under this deal, the Jump division is being transferred to Lime by Uber.


Uber was quick to outline that, though thousands of scooters and bikes are being scrapped, tens of thousands of better models are about to be transferred to Lime.


An Uber spokesperson added that as a part of the recent deal, Lime had taken possession of thousands of new models of Jump scooters and bikes. The option of donating the older models was explored. Still, the issues of liability, maintenance, and a serious shortage of consumer-grade charging equipment made the company decide that recycling was the best approach to be taken.

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