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New Final Boss Battle Pass of Smite is Now Available

You probably know all about Smite by Hi-Rez Studios if MOBAs and gods are among your top interests. Now, Smite has brought to you a Final Boss Battle Pass for keeping you thorough engaged and entertained. Regardless of whether you’re feeling like throwing down Cthulu, Hades, or Baba Yaga, there is something amazing coming your way next month.

The latest Final Boss Battle Pass had a May 20 release, which also led to the introduction of four skins, namely Frost Gorgon Medusa, Elder Djinn Baba Yaga, Legon Hades, and Shadow Guan Yu. Grim Omen’s Chapter 3 also came live during this time, including the launch of Galaxy Hero chest. You can check out patch notes for 7.5 on Smite’s website to know more about the upcoming launches. You can expect some really great launches in the coming months.

If you choose to go for the Battle Pass, then you will get Legion Hades after purchasing, while the ones choosing to spend money for the Battle Pass through Battle Points will get to unlock Elder Djinn Baba Yaga.

The official website of Smite clearly states that the Final Boss Battle Pass means that the players will be setback by six hundred gems. You can earn these gems through your participation in the in-game activities or by buying them through the Smite store through actual money.

As June is just a few days away, players will also get to have Cthulu as one of the playable characters. This Giant Dreamer will be bigger than the gods, and will ultimately reveal a huge shape and size on being active. Fans who wanted to take the Cthulu for a long time will definitely enjoy the new battle pass and update coming up next month.

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