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The Latest Update of Microsoft Edge To Sync The Extensions
Image Credit – Microsoft

The latest version of the Edge browser from Microsoft adds support for the purpose of extension syncing, which means you will not need to re-install extensions manually and individually with every new device. Earlier this week, this feature was teased by Microsoft as a part of the Build announcement. However, the update logs for the latest version (83.0.478.37) of the browser has confirmed that it is being rolled out now.

Besides supporting the extension sync, this latest version also comes with a number of other improvements. You now get to exempt a number of cookies from clearing out automatically when browsers close (generally if there is a specific website where you want to remain logged into), and the Collection feature comes with drag and drop facility now to make it easy to save clippings and web pages. The browser is also able to prompt you for switching profiles if you are visiting sites that need authentication using a separate work or school profile.

Earlier this week, Microsoft teased extension sync as one of the features of Edge, as a part of the Build announcement. Other important aspects that were highlighted include new sidebar search features that let you search online while staying on your current tab, along with a Pinterest integration for the Collections. However, tab syncing and full history are both missing, which are there in Chrome. 

Though the release notes of Microsoft state that the latest version came out on 21st May, it will take some time for the update to reach everyone. Microsoft has mentioned that a progressive rollout is being adopted by the stable channel updates of Edge. Updates will be released here during the course of a number of days for giving it the chance to catch the bugs that might come up.

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