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Bad News For The Gamers The Lie Quest Of Destiny 2 Is Bugged
Image Credit – IGN

It seems like the players will not be able to complete the first stage of the latest story quest from Destiny 2, called ‘The Lie’ even after a lot of tries. This is because the last step of ‘The Lie’ is bugged and it fails to trigger the missions players need to complete to get the reward. 


After you complete the previous steps of this quest, you will be taken to the bunker of Rasputin on the Moon for starting the mission known as ‘The Tyrant.’ Most players have complained that starting this quest re-spawns you near Eris Morn, the bounty vendor at the main landing zone of Moon. There is no way of advancing after this happens. You will have to call it quits and load the quest again. But, the result is the same no matter how many times you do it.


The first reaction of the players was that a new puzzle had been introduced in the game by Bungie, like the Corridors of Time puzzle that was released last season by Destiny 2. Even a Reddit thread was started by the gamers to compile information about the puzzle. However, with the way things are shaping up, it doesn’t seem like a puzzle anymore.


Bungie has stated on Twitter that it will start investigating the issue today. So, the gamers will just have to wait and sit tight for now. It’s really frustrating to the gamers because they would have got Felwinter’s Lie, the legendary shotgun reintroduced from Destiny 1, upon the completion of the quest.


The Lie also has new story arcs about Rasputin, the AI character that holds the pivotal role in the present season. Though it might not reveal everything that is there to know about Rasputin, it would still link the storyline with Destiny 1.

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