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Ubisoft Files Lawsuit against Apple and Google for the Game Area F2
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Rainbow Six Siege happens to be one of the top-rated multiplayer games on earth, and so, it is obvious that it has enough imitators in the market. However, one of those imitators has crossed the line, according to Ubisoft. The company went ahead to file lawsuits against both Apple and Google for selling the game that Ubisoft claims to be its direct rip-off.


Ubisoft’s lawsuit against Apple and Google is based on the game named Area F2. It is a multiplayer shooting game that Alibaba, the renowned Chinese corporation, and its website called Ejoy, have come up with. The lawsuit states that the game has copied the user interface of Rainbow Six Seige, including the operation selection screen and the final results screen. Area F2 has been released in the USA on mobiles and is presently having its free period. On the other hand, Rainbow Six Seige is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


Before filing this lawsuit, Ubisoft has mentioned that it has told Google and Apple that Area F2 infringed on the copyrights, and yet the game was not removed. This lawsuit has been filed in LA, and Apple and Google are yet to comment on it.


Rainbow Six Siege is one of the top revenue generators of Ubisoft as it had made more than a billion US dollars since it was launched in 2015. It is ensured through micro-transactions for the new operators and other such content, but you can get maps for free and the community is a very well-knit one. It is natural for the company to be agitated because it is so popular that it continues to increase its number of players instead of not bringing out any sequel since its launch.

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