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AT&T Renews Hopes for Affordable 5G Devices and Plans
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Despite the intense hype over 5G, the truth is that most people have been unable to experience this service for themselves. The coverage has been difficult to get last year, and the broad-ranging networks turned on only at the end of the previous year. Even good, compatible 5G devices have been very less in number.

The situation is all set to change because 5G is going to be introduced in more devices, and the service plans are going to become cheaper, according to the chief executive of AT&T Communications, Jeff McElfresh. AT&T Communications is the branch of the Dallas telecom giant, which owns subscription video, home broadband, and wireless services. McElfresh has revealed in an interview that the company is planning for a 5G rollout that makes the service more accessible.

He mentioned that it would be wrong to think that 5G is something exclusive only for the high-end handsets and the highly expensive data plans. He claimed to be hopeful about how the technology is improving at a breakneck speed for the network.

AT&T has enough reasons to want more people on the 5G plans. 5G is the future technology that is soon going to drive trends in the telemedicine and automobile industry. Increasing users of 5G means having more people on a faster and better plan, with reduced congestion on the company’s old legacy networks. But, at least for the time being, the devices are not affordable, and even with AT&T, you can only get the service for top-tier plans.

McElfresh didn’t give any details, but he added that 5G would become accessible soon. However, he announced that the company already has plans to bring out fifteen devices with 5G, which is also mentioned earlier in January this year.

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