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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Confirms Building a Chip Plant in Arizona
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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), the company entrusted with making the A-series chips for Apple, is planning to build its advanced chip manufacturing unit in Arizona. The news was reported last day by The Wall Street Journal, and TSMC has confirmed it today. 


This plant will manufacture 5-nanometer transistor-chips for TSMC. The company has been reportedly testing these transistor-chips with Taiwanese customers during the last couple of months. TSMC has announced that this latest manufacturing unit will lead to the creation of over 1,600 high-tech jobs. The construction for the plant is slated to be started next year, and the production is due to start in the year 2024. TSMC plans to spend around $12 billion on this plant between the years 2021 and 2029. The company already holds a fabrication factory in the Camas region of Washington, and its design centers are in California and Texas.


The financial incentives to be received by TSMC from the federal or state governments have not yet been made clear by the company. However, reports suggest that the Commerce and State departments are closely involved in the process of planning. 


Apple is not the only big-shot client that TSMC has, as Huawei and Nvidia are also clients.

TSMC has spent $17 billion on its new plant in the Tainan region of Taiwan. This plant is all set to start producing iPhone parts this year. It has been a rumor for a long time that Apple works on producing the Macs using its very own chips instead of depending on Intel. A report claimed last month that TSMC would make the chips relying on the 5-nanometer fabrication procedure, just as the Arizona plant is supposed to use.

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